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Frankie Hart


Frankie Hart has enjoyed a rich and varied career as a musician across a range of musical styles from folk to jazz.  She has participated as a vocalist on the albums of several groups including April Wine, Life, and The Wackers in the early ‘70’s, as well as playing in a variety of venues from coffee houses to arenas, and including Place des Arts, Massey Hall and Place des Nations.  Frankie has also recorded and toured as part of Freedom North and Riverson, and opened for Mahavishnu Orchestra, Kris Kristofferson and other well-known acts.  More recently in July 2015, she played and sang with Rayburn Blake at the Niagara Jazz Festival.


Frankie’s career as a musician began in 1967 when she started a folk group called The Sirocco Singers that was comprised of Frankie, Francine Jarry and Helene Vanier.  The group was active touring across Canada and the U.S.  They also recorded a number of singles on the Polydor label, performed on radio and television, and gave interviews.


After the Siroccos disbanded, Frankie joined Bill Hill, Rick St. Jean, Eddy Kaye , René Boileau, Del Desrosiers, who was replaced by Les Leroux, to form Freedom North.  The groups’ songwriters were signed to Summerlea Music by Brian Chater as part of CHUM radio’s Much Productions, and toured in Canada and the United States. They recorded and released their album on the Aquarius label as well as and a few singles on the Much label, including their hit song "Dr. Tom".

After Freedom North, Frankie worked solo playing guitar and piano in Montreal and Ontario, until joining up with Rayburn Blake and Brian Edwards formerly of Mashmakhan, to form a band called Riverson.  Riverson recorded its first album at Manta Sound in Toronto with Graham Lear as drummer.  Following the release of the album as well as a few singles on the Columbia and Aquarius labels, the group toured in Canada and the US.


Frankie relocated to Vancouver in 1980, and worked as a singer and guitar player.  After moving to Toronto in 1986, she recorded projects with Richard Citroen as the original voice of "Lola Dutronic", with a few of their original songs being used on television programs.  More recently in Toronto , she spent seven years hosting a jazz jam at Birds and Beans Coffee House, The Gallery and Tartistry located in Etobicoke, writing charts for the players and practicing her skills as a jazz musician.

In 2016, Frankie began performing in different venues in Toronto, including Musideum and the Tranzac, with various artists, such as Bob Cohen, David Woodhead, Doug Wilde, Liz Acker and Ambrose Pottie, singing and playing different styles of music including jazz standards, bossa novas, folk and pop.  Currently, she is also writing songs and doing recording projects using her home studio.


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