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Edward Kaye

Freedom North evolved from a previous group called The Munks, which existed from 1963 to approximately 1968.  The original members were Tag Hindsgal, Rick St. Jean, René Boileau and Greg Law on drums, who was replaced by Ed Kaye.  There were other personnel in the band at various times; Eddie Maxwell, Lorraine Zimmerman, Claudel Desrosiers.  The Munks recorded three songs; “Long Time Waiting”, “Make It or Break It” and “Please Come Back Marie”.  The group also appeared a few times on ‘Like Young’, a local television show aimed at teens. 


When The Munks morphed into Freedom, the lineup included Ed Kaye, Rick St Jean, Claudel Desrosiers, Bill Hill and Franki Hart. Les Leroux eventually replaced Claudel on bass.  Because there was already a group named Freedom in the U.S., the group’s name was changed to Freedom North.  The group recorded one album called “Freedom North”, that included three singles that garnered airplay.  One of these was “Dr. Tom”, which gained radio airplay in several U.S. markets as well as in Canada, where it debuted in #55 spot on RPM Magazine’s Top 100 chart on July 4, 1970, and attained the #2 spot on August 1, 1970.   The group broke up in 1971.


After Freedom North, Ed played in various bands between 1971-72, including Country Fair, Graham County with Don Graham and Francine Jarry and participated in two recordings - “Shelter in the Sky” and “Soul Crusade”.  He also participated in the recording of “Superstar” by George Bowser and in the St. Marc Street Band.  Later in 1972, Ed joined Rick St. Jean, Bob Burgess and Freeman McClarty as back-up for a Japanese singer named George Ishimatsu aka. I George. They toured with him as well as doing some T.V. work.  At one point Freeman left and René Boileau flew over to replace him. After about a year Bob and Rick went on to England, while Ed stayed on with René and couple of Japanese replacements. Six months later, René and Ed left.  Their last gig was in Hawaii with I George, who flew back to Japan, while Ed and René stayed in Hawaii.  Ed returned to Canada three months later.


Once back in Canada, Ed played with various bands, Lenny and the Jets, Robinson Fowler Band and did some session work at Montreal Sound which was Bill Hill's studio.

During the mid-1980’s Ed undertook a change in direction and became a carpenter, initially because he needed to build an extension on his house in the Laurentians and didn’t know how.  He took courses and apprenticed on job sites and eventually received his Carpenter’s Card enabling him to work as a carpenter anywhere in Quebec.   Ed kept up his interest in music by playing part time in two groups that perform locally.  His investment in real estate has paid off well, and he is now retiring from the construction industry, and enjoying life with his love, Daniele. 

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