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Derrick Zuber - Lyrics

Album 1: Like A Song

Why Not Make A Memory

We all know life has its ups and downs

Sometimes it has its perks

Sometimes it really hurts

Care to make a memory ‘cause if you don’t now

Your season’s come and gone

And you’re still hangin’ on


To the past

Things unforgotten, but left behind

With all the rest

That you’d just as soon forget


When all that you have

Is unfulfilled desire

And all of your dreams

Have yet to come true

It’s not too late

But you can’t look back now

So why not make a memory or two


We all know that to win the race

You’ve gotta take the lead and run

Sometimes you’ve gotta jump

And sometimes your friends

Are gonna let you down

When all that weight is on your shoulders

It’ll throw you to the ground


But be strong

Take heavy burdens

You’ll get along

Soon you’ll be singin’ this song


There’s always a new day

Somethin’ there to grab on to, to pull you up

A bucket there to pour out the rain

When all that weight is on your shoulders

Just remember, remember your dreams


When all that you have

Is more than unfulfilled desire

And all of your dreams

Are shooting stars

You can look back

And know you gave it your all

And you’ve made more than a memory

Sure can’t beat a memory

You’ve made more than a memory or two

Like A Song

There were times I didn’t even know myself

I was spinning even when I was standing still

My head was crowded

And it hurt too much to breathe

Just wanted this feelin’ to leave


Lo and behold,

You came like a song

Into my life

You gave me wings to fly

Battered and bruised

Tattered and torn

It didn’t matter

And through it all,

You took it so well

You helped me to stand

You made me a better man

When Indecision was everywhere

You made it so clear


There were time when I

Didn’t want to see the truth

Lying to myself just to get through

Afraid to deal with the problem and its consequence

Just wanted my heart-strings to mend


I think, that I believe in angels

Miracles ain’t only in your dreams

The love I found came straight from heaven

Giving me the strength I need to see to see-ee-ee

Brighter Than An Angel

There’s a rhythm in her smile tonight

That makes the world feel groovy

The kind that shimmers in the light,

Feel like I’ve never done before

Got the music playing in my mind

Of a thousand angels amplified

Oooh look at her


Never thought to fall for someone brighter than an angel

But she just took me right by storm

Picked from a garden

The most beautiful rose blossom

Oooh look at her


The secret motion of a dreamer’s heart

That sings the sacred music

Filled with passion of a different sort

More powerful than before

Feel the loneliness in my heart

Slip away hope it’s gone to stay

But she could make it all come back

The future lies with her


This life we’ve been given

Doesn’t last very long

The world that we live in

Will crumble and fall

Love is the answer

Faith, hope ad truth

I’ve seen some miracles

Learned to tell right from wrong

But one thing I did not expect

Is that you took me right by storm

No More Rainy Days

Oooh that summer breeze

It’s a windy summer morning

It puts your mind at ease

It takes you to that place

Oooh that summer breeze

It’s a windy summer morning

It’s the best time for taking your car for a drive


You can roll the windows down

And turn the radio up

The best time for cruisin’ is summer

And now that It’s come

Now that it’s come


There’s no more rainy days

Or clouds in the sky ‘cause we’re together

They’ve blown away

One look from you and I’m feelin’ better

Rainy days

No more rainy days

All the clouds have rolled away


Oooh that summer breeze

I’m gonna roll along the highway

Can’t lose any steam

‘Cause I’m goin’ to see my baby


Oooh that summer breeze

Look how far I’ve come already

If I drive all night

I’ll be there by morn


I’ll roll the windows down

And play our favourite song

Reminds me I’m a man on a mission

And it won’t be long

It won’t be lo-o-ong


What is the use in having a heart

If it’s always raining

It gets so confusing being apart

But what are the chances

That it’s just a waiting game

I know

It’s all about timing

But there is a season

And it’s coming

When I’ll see your face again



Black Rose

I sit and wait

For your soul to return

A dark shadow of my

Former self

The roses fall

To the earth



I wish that you were still here with me

I can’t put forth a thought

That would bring me from this

House of Pain!


Why was that stranger

Sleeping in my bed

All of this anger

Flowin’ through my head

One for the shelter

One for my heart

As for your dark eyes

Bleedin’ for charm


A bottle in my hand

It’s either whiskey or tears

All roses must fall

A downward spiral

Is the way they turn


Thinkin’ about better days

Gonna get you off my mind

Don’t need to waste my time anymore

Not all girls are roses

And though your cheatin’ heart ain’t true

I can find somebody new

Still bleedin’ for charm

To Know You

I wanna know you like

I’ve never known anyone

Take my time or it’s over before it’s begun

Take a moment…just to be


We’ll go the distance

And the shadows in your eyes

Will be surrounded by a never fading light

You’re gonna see


If it’s by car or it’s by plane

We will get there wait and see

The time has come for you to believe

You’re not living in a dream


Where it hurts so much to breathe

And your hope is all but gone

And you’re strugglin’ to hang o-o-on


Steal your attention, Ya I wanna catch your eye

Just like a beacon on the waves out in the night

Like you’re coming home

When you’re treading water

And you feel you can’t go on

Live for the moment

And then cast your fears you’ll learn

You can flo-o-oat


In all the imaginary gloom

The stars are white the sky is blue

And all those subtle shades of gray

They will slowly fade away


Cause you’re not living in a dream


What was once it is not fair

But I promise you my dear

It’s gonna fade awa-a-a-ay, A-a-a-ay

It’s gonna fade awa-a-a-ay, A-a-a-ay


You know I used to wonder

What true love could bring

Well I found it

And I lost it all again


Now I know

It’s not just a crazy game

Nothing to be toyed with

It’s something kind of special


Just to take you in my arms

I wanna hold you

And never let you go


I cannot say we’ll never break

I cannot say that things won’t change

But I do know that I love you

To me you are the only one

You were sent from up above

Oh baby can’t you see

I will love you honestly


Every minute

This pain keeps getting stronger

It’s a heartache

And it’s here to stay

And I know

I can’t give up now

There’s something to be salvaged

It’s written in the stars


If you could take ma in your heart

I would cherish you

Forever and a day


I will care for you oh

And I will love you so

I could take you to the place

Where you can believe

Sure as the stars in the sky

I will make you my life

Don’t throw it all away

Baby please stay


Cause I will love you honestly


I will love you honestly

Up All Night

Pickin’ my sloppy self up off the ground

Wearin’ cheap sunglasses

So I can’t be found

Keep me from crying

I wanna scream out loud

Keep me from lying

Here with the curtains drawn


Up all night, calling for you

Or is it just my imagination

Up all night and I’m feeling so blue

With or without hesitation, hesitation


Gonna get my feet back on the ground

If the weather is nice

I might just head down

For a coffee

Even though you’re not around

When you’re not sorry

You’ve lost all that you found


Today I laid to rest all that I lost

And I know that time will tell how much it was

Next time I see you

On the street, I’ll cross

To the other side and brush it off

Leave The Past Behind

Let’s all listen for the time and place

Waiting for us all

Listen closely or the time goes by

Sacrifice the world

Bleeding slowly for the chance to see

The mystery

And all those little signs

Leading toward

The possibility


That we can be free,

From all this pain we hold inside

That no one can see


And I said hey,

Leave the past behind

And I’ll give you a melody,

That tells you what you mean to me

And I said hey,

It doesn’t matter what we’ve said,

All that matters is what we do

Right now.


Let’s all watch out for the turning point

The fork there in the road

Knowing full well that

Once you choose

The path you will behold

There’s no turning back

What you get

Is what you see

But what I really want


 Is for it to be with me

Can’t you see

You make me believe

I can do anything


And I remember all those would haves and could have beens

That’s what brought you to leaving

But if you give me a chance

With everything that I have,

I’m gonna fight to make it right

Pick Up The Pieces

Forty days and forty nights

Spent trying to board this ship

Ain’t going nowhere tonight

It’s slippery and I might slip

It stands to reason when You’re sick

That you could fall to pieces

And when there’s nothing left to grip

I’m there to pick up the pieces


Eh Eh Eh Eh

Eh Eh Eh Eh


A man comes falling to his knees

Not knowing what he sees

It stands to reason if you’re him

Can’t understand the meaning

If she doesn’t let you in

How can you pick up the pieces?


She doesn’t keep you from the storm

She doesn’t keep you warm

But still you take her in your arms

Hook, line and sinker baby


She stands and let’s you fall

You have to get up on your own

She even makes you crawl

Hook, line and sinker baby


She knows it’s time to let you go

But still she won’t

She’ll drag you ‘til you’re worn

Hook, line and sinker baby


Better find another shoulder to cry on

Cause I’ve been looking for a new beginning

If I was nothing but a shoulder to cry on

That’s not the kind of love that’s never ending


Better find another shoulder to cry on

This is the dawning of a new beginning

It I was nothing but a shoulder to cry on

That’s not the kind of love that’s never ending


That’s not the kind of love that’s never ending


It’s the dawning of a new beginning

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