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Derrick Zuber - Lyrics

Album 2: Road Less Travelled

Hey Hey Hey


Hey Hey Hey/Ooooh

Hey Hey Hey/Ooooh X2


Verse 1

There were times when I was a young man

When I said ‘hey’: whe I should have said ‘nay’

It ain’t no crime when you are a young man

You’ve gotta learn to be

The best that you can be




Verse 2

Those are the days when you’re young and carefree

But you won’t understand ‘til they’re gone

Don’t you know until you lose something

You won’t even know what it was



Bass Solo

Chorus Acapella

Guitar Solo


Road Less Travelled

Verse 1

Through the wind and the rain

She cries out, keep the faith

Though she walks through the rain

Where It’s hard to believe

Through the wilderness plane

Where you’re all on your own

And it’s hard to explain

Where it’s going to lead



She said, I will walk on the road less travelled

Kick up my boots in the pouring rain

Set my sights on a new tomorrow

One day something good is gonna come my way


Verse 2

There’s a time in the life

Of all who have lived

Where we learn to survive

Through the pain that indwells

Takin all that you have

And some that you don’t

When you know what it’s like

To be all on your own





Along this lonely road

You’ll find a place to call your own

A place with giving and forgiving

Although it might be long

You’ll get to your pot of gold

Although it might not be how you planned it



When the Dirt Road Runs Out

Verse 1

Working every day

Putting calluses on my hands

Trying to feed the family

By the labour of this land

Get up every morning

Before the break of dawn

When the world is still quiet

The calm before the storm


Verse 2

The work that we do

Is by the sweat of our brow

To feed all the people

In the cities and the towns

Whose feet are running

Before they hit the ground

Trying hard to keep up

With the world spinning round



And the sun keeps on shining

And the rain keeps pouring down

And the wind blows right beside us

And the sand’s beneath our feet

When the dirt road runs out

When the dirt road runs out


Verse 3

Come home every evening

Knowing what I do

Makes people happy

It’s solid and it’s true

Do what works

Oh it stands the test of time

Something important

It’s yours and it’s mine



Reason For Leaving

Verse 1

You’re my reason

Reason for leaving

The one I needed

And the one I want to be with

I threw it all away

With nothing to lose

And everything to gain

For your honour and her shame


Chorus 1

You’re my reason’

Reason for leaving

Reason to believe again


Verse 2

There comes a time in your life

When everything has to change

You run out of time for lofty feelings

And you wanna do what’s right

But your love’s suicide

Take you to grieving


Chorus 2

You’re my reason

Reason for leaving

Reason to believe again

When everything was wrong

You took my feelings

Helped me to see clearly

To see what was happening




Verse 3

There’s a time to hang on

And a time to move along

You know it in your heart

Bit it ain’t easy

You’ve gotta take out your heart

And wear it on your sleeve

A practical thing

But you’ve got to get there


Chorus 2

Right Here Next To Me

Verse 1

I’ve got the ticket

You gonna take me for a ride?

My bags are packed

I’m ready

So put that car in drive


Chorus 1

Top up the gas and do it fast

Turn on the lights, we’ll drive by night

Your engine makes a sound

That’s oh so sweet

And you’re right here next to me


Verse 2

We’ll take the freeway

Take it southbound all the way to Mexico

We won’t tell them that we’re going

But when we leave, they ain’t gonna want to let us go


Chorus 2

Tequila and some churros

And some huevos rancheros

Soon we’ll be turning up the heat in El Paso

Gone so fast they’ll never know


Trumpet Solo


Verse 1


Chorus 1

Tongue Tied

Verse 1

Knew her for years

Wanted her the whole time

She was the only one I really wanted

When she spoke

I remembered every word

Just like a melody

Oh yeah



But I was tongue tied

And I couldn’t express

The way that I felt

For so long

I was tongue tied

And I couldn’t show

The feeling I had

I loved her so-o-o-o


Verse 2

She moved away while we were still young

Haven’t seen her in a long time

Oh no-o

Every move every step feels like eternity without her

Oh yeah







Silence of Your Heart

Verse 1

A sad look on her face

The smile has been replaced

It’s over

The time was coming near

Oh it’s getting clear

It’s here

For I don’t want you, I don’t need you

Our time has come and past

Just like sands through the hourglass

My dear

I don’t seem to know my way

But I just want to get away

From here

I don’t want you, I don’t need you



How do I get back

What was lost

In all the sense of loathing

How do I figure out

What went wrong

In the silence of your heart

How do I pick up

All of the shattered pieces

Laying on the ground . yeah

How so I figure out

What went wrong

In the silence of your heart


Verse 2

I don’t even know quite why

Are things better on the other side

My dear

Time and time it comes again

Don’t you think it time to change

From spinning

Deeper in the ground

Round and round and round she goes

Just like a kaleidoscope


Under, over, up and down

Drifting away from what we found


Deeper in the ground






Chorus X2


Verse 1


From the moment I saw you

You showed me a virtue not yet heard


You shine in the darkness

Glowing like heaven up above


You turn me from ashes

Into a fire burning bright-ly


You to what was wrong

And you helped to make it right

For me-e



You take me to another world

A place where all becomes new

Where hanging on by a tiny thread

Isn’t what we do



Rising from ashes

We burst into flames

Now I can feel my heart beat again

Descending from heaven

Came a single name

Now I can hear it calling


Verse 2


On the times that we’re parted

My heart is yearning after you


The missing piece of the puzzle

Before you I muddled the day through



The one I can turn to

My darling it’s all you

You make dreams come true

You took my condition

And made it your mission

To bring out the best

Of what I can do


Chorus X2



Cold Reality

Verse 1

Oh, I can see the lines

In the back of my mind

It’s been a long long time

Oh, I can see the curves

See the stories that I’ve heard

Just moving down the line



I don’t see a reason

Why things gotta change

But I can see a reason

It’s cold reality


Verse 2

Oh, I can see the pages

Hear the voice of perfect strangers

Uttering the things they’ve heard

Oh, I can see the faces

Looking at the places

As they’re going by






I know it ain’t easy

And I’ve got you on my mind

Some things you’ve gotta learn the hard way

Just take one step at a time


Verse 1

The Sky Is A Desert

Verse 1

As I lay here watching this

Staring up at the dark

I think the sky is a desert place

The stars are few and quite far



Then it comes to me

That I can never leave this place

I can move on but

You will always be in my thoughts

My tattered heart


Verse 2

Though I’m laying here watching this

Staring up at the dark

I don’t feel any better

Even though you are sparkling down on me


Pre-Chorus 2

I can never leave this place

I can move on but

You will always be in my thoughts

My soul, yeah



I hear your footsteps in the falling of the rain

I have it in me to fall in love again

The sky’s a desert and I am a plane

Oh yeah







Verse 1

There wouldn’t be a night like this

Without a heart inside my chest

Tossing and turning like wind on the sheets

There’s no other meaning in this pain

Than she took my breath away

Could there be a more beautiful mistake?

I guess we were smouldering


When you look inside your heart

At the love we bring

Should have known it from the start

Just one more day

And I can show to you

The world the way

It’s supposed to be


Verse 2

Staying close next to her

Keeping in all my hurt

Time gives you a feeling of what you’re worth

And I believe you should never surrender

It’s never too late for things to change

Wouldn’t have it any other way

I guess we were smouldering





We all want a better day

We all want a chance to play

We all get stuck in yesterday

Little things we won’t always remember

We all want a chance to shine

You’ve got yours

I’ve got mine

Baby let’s give this one more try




One More Day With You

Verse 1

Ooh her face lights up

Every time she feels my touch

She can’t resist a man

Who wants to hold her hand

She is so secretive

Don’t wanna tell nobody else

About this love we share

It feels so devious



But I say out with it

Tell the world

About this love we share

Can’t hold back this feeling



If I had just one more day to live, my love

I’d shout to the top of the world

Just the way you make me feel

I’d should it anywhere

Any distance, I don’t care

Cause you, you make me feel brand new


Verse 2

Ooh the shining starts

Are just a little brighter now

Look at those big bright rays

Shining on your pretty face

But I can’t do what I want

To hold you in my arms

Or think to kiss your lips

It’s just that secretive









Manifest Horizon

Verse 1

Like birds in flight

They sing their song

Until they find

What they call home

Another flight

Another day

To try and find

A better way

Another life

That’s what we’ve got

One that when we fade

Like the setting sun

People will say

It was a job well done

The kind of life

Of victory won


Chorus 1

There’s a manifest horizon overlooking

I can see it in your eyes it’s getting clear

And I prayed to God, but don’t know quite what’s coming

But I hope that the deliverance is here


Verse 2

Like little seeds

Carry over ground

Until they find

Fertile soil

To take up root

Where they might grow

After a time

Of bitter cold

If they succeed

A time will come

Where thorns may try

To choke them out

But if they’re strong

And the time is right

They will grow tall

Towards the sky


Chorus 1


Chorus 2

I can see it in your eyes it’s getting painful

But I’ll be waiting by your side until it’s done

There’s a time for hope and we all know it’s coming

Where we can walk and we won’t have to run


Chorus 3

I can see it in your eyes the stars are falling

And the river’s raging waters turn to flood

The darkest place we have will soon be calling

But very soon the darkness will be gone

Let It All Go

Verse 1

It’s nice to know you from afar

Cause no matter where you are

Every time I see your face

I think of the old days

Keep back keep a distance play it safe

Lord Knows this world ain’t goona wait

For us to stop spinning round and round

I think it’s time to settle down


Verse 2

There’s no time for the old way

Cause time won’t wait

When you’re stuck in yesterday

You might as well be dead

I can see it in your eyes you’re lonely

I know that inside you’re tired but,

This great big world that we live in

Is spinning round

We don’t have time to hang around



So many days have come and gone

And there’s nothing to show

Nothing to show

So maybe when tomorrow comes

I’ll be ready to go

Ready to let it all go  X2




Verse 3

You think you know things when you’re young

But sometimes you really don’t

Sometime you just don’t

Don’t wanna be alone

Take time keeping rhythm with what you’ve got

Not knowing when the door will shut

Until you find out what you want

Just coasting along, Just coasting along, Just coasting along




Ready to let it all go  X4

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